Day 1 of 100: Let’s Plan Stuff!

It’s a light planning session today

First, I promise, I won’t start all of my 100 Days posts with “Day X of 100” but since this is the kick off post, I figured I should.

I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a planner girl. I love knowing what’s going on and having lists. I have an actual paper planner and I decorate it. OK, I won’t lie. I have MULTIPLE paper planners. Like someone asked me a few weeks ago how many planners I had and I counted 9 off the top of my head, then came home and found several I had forgotten about (no, I don’t use them all simultaneously!)

At the same time, I have ADHD. Which means I tend to forget things, get distracted and absolutely suck at time management. All of which a planner can help control. So planning isn’t just a thing I do because it’s fun, it’s a behavioral management technique.

While it helps, things can still fall through the cracks. Especially some of the longer term planning that needs done. Today three different people reminded me of different events happening in two weeks or less, none of which I’ve done more than thought “Oh, I need to start planning stuff out for that.” That’s when I realized that once again my time blindness was kicking in and I needed to have a specific planning session. So, out came the planners, pens, stencils and even a sticker binder.

For a long time, my main planner has been a Bullet Journal® which is a wonderful way to keep monthly, weekly, and daily plans plus lists. But I also like the decorative side of planning (with stickers and things.) It helps me relax. I also like being able to write plans down farther ahead of time and while the Bullet Journal has some systems in place for that, it wasn’t working for me when it came to long term planning.

Starting this week, I switched back to my Erin Condren Life Planner*. I have a vertical, which means it has 3 rectangles per day (originally split into morning, afternoon and evening but over the years, they removed the listed headers.) with a week across 2 pages. It’s working for me and it’s making me less stressed, which is good.

I decided that my Bullet Journal will be more for making lists and if I need a specific daily to-do, I will pull it out. Which means it’s really less of an actual Bullet Journal and more of a generic notebook, but I’m OK with that too. The goal is not to stick perfectly with a specific planning system but to find a planning system that works perfectly for me (and the same should be true for you.)

So to quote Leslie Knopp, I spent some time “jammin’ on my planner.” I figured out some of what I needed for all of my events coming up, came up with a list of questions or things I need to do to finish getting ready, and generally ended up with a better idea of what I actually have going on and need to be prepared for.

So, are you a planner person? If so, what system do you use and does it help you? If not, what could you do to make it work?


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