It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Would you believe it took us over a week to go from “house with no tree” to “house decorated”? I wasn’t really feeling the holiday spirit the first few weeks and the girls were so busy that we were running out of time to get it done in one day.
First, the girls put up the tree (with my help) on Thursday the 8th

Beautiful G was quick to get the branches on once we set the base up!
Then Sunshine started helping find the branches from the box
Now we have to make it actually look like a tree.

Before we could do any more setting up, we had our family cookie day! Beautiful G (my older daughter) made sugar cookies. Since they (along with one of my recipes) needed to chill, we mixed them up on Friday night.

Beautiful G is mixing up her sugar cookie dough


This is what happens when you spill red food coloring on your fingers. It was fun to scare Beautiful G with it!

Then on Saturday, the girls and I joined my mom and grandma and made a day of making cookies! I didn’t grab a lot of photos because I was covered in flour.

Beautiful G takes a moment with my mom in the middle of baking

On Wednesday, Beautiful G convinced me to put up the lights on the tree. Except I made a big mess of it, so Dave stepped in.

Yay for #thekeeper

On Thursday, as Beautiful G worked on a school project, Sunshine put up our nativity and their stockings (after her shower.)

Sunshine is putting up our Nativity. Yes, it’s a Veggie Tales nativity. Please don’t judge!

Finally on Friday the girls and I decorated the tree itself.

We had a lot of moments of “Mom, take a picture of me putting this super special ornament on the tree!”
Sunshine insisted that “like” ornaments went together. Here she’s adding all of the princess ornaments together.
Sunshine was pouting after we moved some of the ornaments around. Of course, when she realized I was snapping a picture, she couldn’t help but start to smile!

Now it finally feels like Christmas has come to the Gonzales house!

The upcoming week is going week is going to kick Christmas into high gear. We’ve got parties, movie watching (both at school and at home), and we’re even going to see the stage version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Tell me, what is your favorite holiday tradition and what is your favorite holiday movie (we need to add to our collection, I discovered!)