100 Days of Jacqui’s Stuff

So, if you have followed along with my blog, you may have noticed I haven’t posted in awhile. Oops.

Also, if you were to scroll back, you would find that of the few posts I had up, many are gone. I discovered that I was stepping on some trademark issues. I didn’t realize it originally, but once I found out (through the planner community) I removed them.

But, that meant I basically have no content again. Double Oops.

OK, Jacqui, what is your point?

Well my point is that I do actually want to run this blog and not let it sit gathering dust. But I have been slacking on this and that needs to change. The blog is supposed to be about whatever I want. It is supposed to be a consistent outlet for putting my words to the screen. Yet here it is, gathering dust.

This morning my friend Michelle Baxter shared a challenge to one of my favorite Facebook groups. Called The 100 Day Project, the goal is to get people creating consistently for 100 days. As someone who is often creative, but not consistent, I found this to be a good challenge. Creative and consistent. That is what I need.

Call this my official announcement to joining the challenge. My main medium will be blogging, but I will be sharing other creative projects over the next 100 days through the blog. I will also write about other things, I am sure. I have a trip planned for later in April, so watch for that. Plus daily life, fun projects or whatever. Because consistency is what grows your talents.

The challenge kicks off on April 4. If you are interested, check out The 100 Day Project. Also, the organizers encouraged us to pick a unique hashtag for our project (along with using #the100dayproject) Mine will be #100daysofjacquisstuff. Look for the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!