Self Discipline (My Word for 2017)

When I hear the idea of picking a “Word to Live By” or a “Word of the Year” from bloggers  (especially the motovation/life coach type bloggers) I tend to roll my eyes. Come on, I think, like a word is going to make a huge difference in your life.

So, I found myself a little bit perplexed when I found I had a word in mind for 2017. Why did I suddenly pick a word that should direct my life for a year?

Then I started to think more. Think back over conversations with my husband. Think back on my frustrations for 2016 and the many years before that seemed to slip away with all of their good intentions that never seemed to materialize. I thought about this blog and why I had hesitated so long to get back into blogging after quitting a few years ago. And I realized it all came down to the same thing.

Self Discipline

At that point I did what I normally do with things like this: I looked up the definition. This is what Google came up with:

That I could understand. That was the answer to the questions and discussions and frustrations. Self Discipline. And with that, I chose a word, a focus for 2017. Something I could tangibly work towards in various ways. Oh, something all those life coaches could preach at me about, but ultimately the one thing I most need in my upcoming year and life. What does it mean for me? It becomes a reminder when I look at the tasks at hand and think “Man, I don’t really want to that.” or when I feel afraid to keep going on something because it is hard and messy and not nearly as easy as simply letting it go.

So, self discipline. Pushing on. Digging through. Moving forward. Keep on Keeping On.