Christmas Gift Tracker (A Bullet Journal Tutorial)

Ah, it’s the most wonderful (and in the Northern Hemisphere, cold) time of the year! SoCal has actually been in the 60s this week (hey, when your average annual temperature is 75, having a high in the 60s is cold!) Between that and the Christmas music my girls want to listen to non-stop, the holiday season is definitely reached my house.

A quick count in my head (and on my fingers) puts us at at least 17 people we want to give gifts to, and some of those will have multiple gifts. While that isn’t a massive number of people, it isn’t exactly a small number either and I wanted some way to track what I have, how much it cost and where it is in the Christmas process. Thus, the Christmas tracker in my Bullet Journal.

For this project I used my BuJo (duh!), my 20 pack of Staedtler pens, a ruler, and a cardstock stencil I made on my Silhouette.

The first step was easiest: I gave the page a title! Next was the stencil. I had a Santa hat monogram design (these are available in the design store or if you don’t want to spend the money, many Silhouette groups have something similar) that I cut on cardstock rather quickly. Don’t have a Silhouette? You can always hand draw a circle with a hat on it or use a different item (like a tree, gingerbread man, stocking or ornament) by hand.

My stencil was about 2″ wide and a little over that in height. Feel free to change the size as you need to (it doesn’t line up well with the dots, but it is about 10 squares wide and 12 tall)

Stencil all lined up and ready to trace!

I traced them all out and added a few lines to make them look more like a Santa hat. Next up was names and coloring! I added my names in the trim area before I actually colored them in. It worked out fine for me except that I forgot I would have to go back and blur out names! I wanted to use favorite colors for each of the main people, but my younger daughter decided she only likes pink AFTER  I had already colored in both her and her sister’s. Sigh.

Next up was the opposite page, where I wanted to keep track of costs and to actually keep track of whether gifts had been bought, delivered (if needed) and wrapped.

Straight lines are hard!

This is where the ruler is helpful. And as you can tell, just because you have a ruler doesn’t mean things will be perfectly straight. One of the main lessons I have from Bullet Journaling is that it is OK if you make a mistake. Mistakes happen and you can always either

  1. Ignore it (like I did here)
  2. Slap a sticker over it (I did that in my December monthly spread)
  3. Turn the page and try again (I did this with my original December monthly spread, which had a lot of issues, including being startled while stamping)

Overall, I love the layout. It works to keep track of all the Christmas stuff and it didn’t take me more than a half an hour to complete (the filling in may take a little longer!)

What are you doing to track your Christmas stuff? Let me know in the comments, or if you have a photo on IG, tag me (@jacquelinemgonzales) so I can see it!